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About AI: AI and Ethics

UNESCO: Human Rights and AI

Go to the UNESCO Website to read about their Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence:

"UNESCO published the first-ever global standard on AI ethics – the ‘Recommendation on the Ethics of Artificial Intelligence’ in November 2021. This framework was adopted by all 193 Member States.

The protection of human rights and dignity is the cornerstone of the Recommendation, based on the advancement of fundamental principles such as transparency and fairness, always remembering the importance of human oversight of AI systems."

The Environmental Impact of ChatGPT

Image created by AI with Dall-E

Sustainability and AI


Copyright and AI

Is it okay to use copyrighted images and materials to train AI? This is still up for debate.

Creative Commons says yes: Fair Use: Training Generative AI

The Copyright Alliance says maybe not: Does the Use of Copyrighted Works to Train AI Qualify as a Fair Use?