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About AI: AI Tools

Some AI Tools to Try

Here are some AI tools to try. Some of these tools may require creating an account or using your Google account to sign in. Students should be mindful of the Terms and Conditions of any online tool they are using and should follow guidelines regarding age restrictions.

Study Tools

Some AI tools to help with studying and understanding:

  • Yippity - convert any text or  website into a quiz or notes
  • Chat PDF - Chat with any PDF: get main ideas, summaries, ask it questions, etc

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Art Generating AI

Art generating tools

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AI Detectors

Tools to Detect AI in Text

  • Open AI Text Classifier - the creators of ChatGPT created an AI to detect AI
  • GPTZero AI-Detecting App created by a student at Princeton University

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AI Curation Tools

Some useful lists of AI tools