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Zug Campus Library: NoodleTools & Citations


Go to NoodleTools to create your Bibliography or References List!

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How to Cite Images in NoodleTools

This video includes:

  • How to cite an image in NoodleTools
  • How to cite an image from a Google Sheet or other design program
  • How to cite an image from Britannica or other Library Resource
  • How to Use NoodleTools

    This tutorial video includes:

    • How to login to NoodleTools
    • How to create a new project
    • How to add a source

    Citing Images Using Figure Notes in APA Style

    When including an image in your work, there must be a direct citation under the image, in addition to it being listed in your bibliography.


    This can be done either with a traditional in-text citation, or with what is called a "figure note," shown below. Click here for a more detailed explanation.